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Service Packs and Hotfixes


Service Packs and Hotfixes

Released Versions

Hotfix 9011
(Released on 8-March-2012)

Download 9011 ppm | Steps to upgrade

Bug Fixes:
  • A dependent service for the agent has been introduced in order to restart the agent when it hangs
  • Agent memory leak issues have been fixed to increase the stability of the agent
  • Agent does not communicate with the server when the latter's name/IP in the agent registry gets corrupted. This issue has been fixed.

Hotfix 9010
(Released on 15-February-2012)

Download 9010 ppm | Steps to upgrade

 New Features/Enhancements:
  • Periodical & scheduled file/folder backup on the Amazon S3, leveraging Cloudberry
  • Option to run the execute command action in the workflow, in background
Bug Fixes:
  • Issue in processing workflow related requests when multiple workflows are associated to a device at the same time. This issue has been fixed.
  • Agent crash due to some memory leaks has been fixed.
  • Agent crashes when executing a workflow that includes 'Set Registry Value' action. This issue has been fixed.
  • Notification server's log rotation failure ceases notification server start-up. This issue has been fixed.
  • Issue in synchronizing MSP Center Plus and Desktop Central MSP when the latter's  username and password contains special characters. This issue has been fixed.
  • Option to automatically restart the agent service, when the agent crashes

Hotfix 9009
(Released on 22-December-2011)

Download 9009 ppm | Steps to upgrade

New Features:
Bug Fixes:
  • Issue in sending SMS via modems. This issue has been fixed.
  • A subject field was missing in Email based SMS notification profile. It has been included.
  • Post agent upgrade, the tray icon gets enabled automatically even though it had been disabled earlier. This issue has been fixed.

Hotfix 9008
(Released on 5-December-2011)

Download 9008 ppm | Steps to upgrade



  • MSP Center Plus' agent tray icon crashes when a limited account user signs in to the system. This issue has been fixed.
  • Issue in installing Desktop Central agent when the customer name includes a blank space. This issue has been fixed.
  • Agent crashes when monitoring Windows services running in Windows Vista and higher OSs. This issue has been fixed.
  • After adding a network device, its interfaces were not automatically discovered. This issue has been fixed.

Hotfix 9007
(Released on 21-October-2011)

Download 9007 ppm | Steps to upgrade


  • Option to change the user’s role from MSP Admin to MSP Technician and vice versa
  • Option to assign customers for an existing user
  • Option to change the user’s role from customer admin to customer technician and vice versa


Bug Fixes:
  • MSP Center Plus does not integrate with ServiceDesk Plus MSP (SDP MSP) if the latter is running in HTTPS mode. This issue has been fixed.
  • Requests in ServiceDesk Plus are not getting closed automatically via API if there is any mandatory field for request closure. This issue has been fixed. Know the steps.
  • Clearing alarms manually in MSP Center Plus doesn’t close its corresponding tickets automatically in SDP via API.
  • Worklog is not updated in SDP during automatic ticket closure. This issue has been fixed. Know the steps.
  • Displaying null point exception error when creating tickets in SDP has been fixed.
  • Different audio files cannot be played for notifying different types of alarms. This issue has been fixed.
  • In some rare scenario, the customer filter for popup reports is not working. This issue has been fixed.
  • MSP Center Plus does not integrate with DC MSP when the latter is running in HTTPS mode. This issue has been fixed.
  • Email/SMS/Create Ticket notification profile is triggered when a Windows service goes down, though it is not configured in the respective notification profile. This issue has been fixed.
  • Technician added in MSP Center Plus is not automatically getting added in SDP MSP via API. This issue has been fixed. 
  • Devices are not getting synchronized properly when ‘Sync to SDP MSP’ button in Add-on products settings page is clicked. This issue has been fixed.

(Released on 26-September-2011)

Download 9006 ppm | Steps to upgrade


Bug Fixes:
  • Issue in discovering the interfaces with custom community string has been fixed
  • Issue in monitoring the Windows services of newly discovered devices for availability has been fixed

Hotfix 9005
(Released on 21-September-2011)

Download 9005 ppm | Steps to upgrade



Bug Fix:
  • Validating the email address provided in "From Email Address" field in the Rebranding page, for its correctness

Hotfix 9004
(Released on 16-September-2011)

Download 9004 ppm | Steps to upgrade

New Features / Enhancements

Hotfix 9003
(Released on 30-August-2011)

Download 9003 ppm | Steps to upgrade

New Features / Enhancements

Bug fixes:

  • Agent getting crashed when started for the first time issue has been fixed
  • Dashboard UI not being persistent after manual alignment issue has been fixed

Hotfix 9002
(Released on 3-August-2011)

Download 9002 ppm | Steps to upgrade


Following are the new default IT Workflows that are added in this release:

  • Initiate AVG antivirus scan on the remote systems. This workflow helps you scan thousands of remote systems for virus. We support AVG antivirus version 9 and 10.
  • Automatically update AVG antivirus to the latest version. This workflow helps you be up-to-date with the fixes and patches released by AVG.
  • Reboot the remote systems
  • Shutdown the remote systems
  • Renew IP address of the remote systems
  • Permanently delete the temporary internet files present in the remote systems
  • Update Windows Group Policy on the remote systems
  • Reset IP stack on the remote systems

Hotfix 9001
(Released on 22-July-2011)

Download 9001 ppm | Steps to upgrade


  • Last Contact Time for agents is displayed in the Devices List page. This helps you know the exact time when the agent has communicated with the server recently.
  • Option to start the service of an agent that is down via another agent in the same LAN that is up & running. This is real boon to administrators as it saves your invaluable time. When an agent has stopped running on a device for some reason, with this option you can start it via another agent that is running on a device available in that same LAN.
Issues fixed
  • The pop-up that opens when a collector is deleted, includes warning about deleting the network devices that are associated with the collector
  • BackUpDB.bat now also includes Customers & workflow related folders when taking the backup of MSP Center Plus setup
    Agents not getting updated after editing Customer details. This issue has been fixed.
  • Deleted devices' ID are displayed in the IT Workflow association UI. This issue has been fixed.
  • "Saveinvariable cannot contain specialcharacters" message appears when adding /editing IT Workflow even if the 'Save in variable' option is not checked. This issue has been fixed.
  • In IT Workflow 'assign dynamic variable' $AgentInstallDir$ shows incorrect path. This issue has been fixed.
  • Navigating to Remote Control page from Alarms page, throws a wrong pop-up 'Do you want to delete this notes?'. This issue has been fixed.

Version 9
(Released on 2-July-2011)

Download 9000 ppm | Steps to upgrade

New Features / Enhancements:

  • Role-based user access / Multi-tenancy support
  • Process Monitoring
  • Nested-if conditions in IT workflows for complicated actions
  • Schedule IT workflow
  • Near real-time agent-central communication for instant alerts and workflow execution
  • Import/Export workflows

Hotfix 8103
(Released on 24-March-2011)

Download 8103 ppm | Steps to upgrade to 8103


New Feature / Enhancements:

Issues Fixed:
  • When a scheduled report is edited, devices IDs are shown by mistake instead of device names. This issue has been fixed.
  • When device/agent's "Inventory History" is exported to PDF, incorrect data is shown. This issue has been fixed.
  • Desktop Management Distribution Server upgrade failure issue has been fixed.
  • Issue in Data Collection for certain monitors after upgrade has been fixed.
  • Issue in checking port, in certain scenarios in the "NAT configuration" page has been fixed.
  • When an agent is installed in a domain controller machine, it is not automatically categorized under "Domain Controller" category. This issue has been fixed.

Hotfix 8102
(Released on 12th Dec '10)

List of issues fixed:

  • Support for String values in datacollection and threshold alerting
  • Availability metric support in custom reports
  • Enhancements in Log viewer to show complete operations audit 
  • Create Ticket/View ticket option from Alert page
  • Issue in test wmi monitor when wmi namespace configured is other than ROOT\CIMv2
  • Edit WMI Monitor and change to tabular - existing monitors not modified
  • Error in processing WMI data from Win32_Volume class
  • Master agent installed in Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2 machines SNMP Polling issue fixed
  • Email Agent option not working when customername has a space issue fixed
  • Customer logo not applied in customer report issue fixed
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Inventory scan issue fixed
  • Inventory scan issue in AD machines with lot of users fixed

Hotfix 8101
(Released Date: Sep14th 2010)

List of features and fixes available in 8101:

  • Windows service alarm notification not working issue fixed
  • Agent Status discrepancy - shows as clear/offline - due to manual clear of the alarm issue fixed
  • Could not add customer when central is installed in a machine with dual interface issue fixed
  • Add Customer - Proper email address shown as invalid fixed
  • Option to email agent msi
  • External website monitoring powered by site24x7
  • Option to test NAT configuration
  • Status of the servicedesk api connection shown on UI
  • Alias url made configurable in servicedesk addon settings
  • Option to buffer the data and resend when there is a communication failure between Lite server and connectwise
  • Connectwise API - Special characters in Account/Ticket handled
  • Monitoring -> Devices view  IpAddress column sorting issue fixed
  • Not equals option in threshold
  • Enhance variable support in Notification profile - Option to include ipaddress/vendor/type/remote office/device state/custom fields in notification
  • Top N reports option - extend to show Top 500/1000 devices
  • Option to include attention alarm condition in Alarm escalation 
  • Eventlog - LogFile will allow space and special characters
  • Customer specific alarm escalation not working issue fixed
  • More IT workflow templates provided

MSPCenterLite 8 GA - Build 8100
(Released Date: July 29th 2010)

  • SNMP Monitoring capability in agents - to monitor networking devices like routers,switches,printers
  • Integrated ITIL based Servicedesk plugin 
  • Thirdparty Integration with Connectwise

Build 8002
(Released Date: April 30th 2010)

Proper error message shown while adding RemoteOffice when the central is installed in Windows Vista/2008 machines with the service running with non administrative user privilege.Included a banner in the Getting Started section for the same

Build 8001
(Released Date: April 22nd 2010)

Installed Agent not shown under monitoring in case of non english os with hostname containing caps or hostname containing "dc" characters issue fixed

MSPCenterLite Beta - Build 8000
Released Date: April 16th 2010)

MSP Center Lite is an agent based Remote Systems Management solution, designed specially for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Being built on the agent-central architecture, it helps you manage Windows desktops and servers irrespective of their location, (be it the Amazon EC2 instance, dedicated servers at Rackspace or Datacenters, LAN etc.) 24x7. The agent is light weight, easy to install and consumes very minimum CPU, Memory and Bandwidth. It provides 100% data security as the agent communicates with the Central server over a SSL connection.

Future Versions

ServicePack 9100

  • Autotask Integration
  • Downtime Scheduler
  • Automatically execute IT workflow as Alarm Action

ServicePack 9200

  • Out of the box Antivirus/Backup  Monitoring
  • Network scan support in Master Agent
  • Ping/TraceRoute support
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • User Login Enhancements

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