ServiceDesk Plug-in

MSP Center Plus now offers ITIL based servicedesk as a plugin. You have to download the plugin and install it over the existing installation of a MSP Center Plus server. You need not apply any license over the servicedesk module. You can buy it as an add-on over the MSP Center Plus license.

Key features of the plugin

  • Zero configuration required. Once you install the plugin it automatically starts synchronizing data from lite to servicedesk
  • No need to apply license separately at the servicedeskplusmsp
  • Sync now option to push data from lite to servicedesk (useful if you are buying the plugin a bit later after using the lite for some time)

Installing ServiceDesk Plug-in


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Mapping between MSP Center Plus and ServiceDesk Plug-in

Once you install the plug-in, whenever you add a Customer or Device, they get automatically added as Account or Asset, respectively in ServiceDesk Plus MSP. Similarly, whenever an alarm is raised in MSP Center Plus, a request is logged automatically in ServiceDesk Plus MSP. When the request is closed, the alarm is cleared automatically or vice versa.

Click here to know more on ServiceDesk Plug-in's working scenario.

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