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Integrating with ServiceDesk Plus


Integrating with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

MSP Center Lite allows you to integrate with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 7.6, an ITIL based help desk tool. There are a number of integration options available. The Alarm to Email Notification feature in MSP Center Lite generates an email whenever an alarm gets raised. This email can be addressed to any Help desk tool such as ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, BMC Service Desk Express, HP Service Center etc. and can be viewed as tickets.

Steps to integrate with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
  1. Ensure that the ServiceDesk Plus server is running.
  2. Go to Admin-> General Settings-> Add On/Product Settings.

  3. Enter the Server Name and Port Number where ServiceDesk Plus is running.
  4. Select Use proxy to connect this ServiceDesk Plus Server check box, if you have to communicate with the ServiceDesk Plus Server via a proxy server. In that case, ensure that you have configured the proxy details correctly.
  5. Select the Protocol on which the ServiceDesk Plus Server communicates.
  6. Enter the Authentication details of ServiceDesk Plus.
  7. Select Customers, Devices and Alarms check box.
  8. Click on Test Connection and Save button.

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