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Installation Guide


Installation Guide

Read this document to install MSP Center Plus.

To proceed further you should have a valid mspcenterplus.exe file downloaded from http://www.mspcenterplus.com/. If you don't posses one, please download now. We also expect you to have the following info ready before installing.

  1. Name of customers that you plan to manage with this system.
  2. Key contacts in those customer organizations.
  3. Account managers for each customer and their email addresses.
  4. Proxy server details (if any) of your customers.
  5. List of devices to be monitored /managed in each organization.

Know the Hardware and Software Requirements

Ports/Firewall settings
  • Refer the page for the default ports occupied by the Central. Check whether the ports are free in your machine, else we can change the port numbers to any of the available free ports in your machine
  • If your Central machine is behind a firewall refer the page for the
    firewall configurations to allow inbound/outbound port access

Step:1 - Installing MSP Center Plus 
Double click the .exe and follow the instructions on screen. Refer the screenshots in the presentation below for assistance.

While installing MSP Center Plus, if you receive any like "Another Version of this product is already installed", then uninstall the existing version and proceed with the installation. This error occurs when you have already installed/tried to install MSP Center Plus.

Step:2 - Install Agent or Collector

2.1 Adding Customer and Installing Normal Agent
  1. Add Customer.
  2. Agent.msi pops-up.
  3. Save it and install it on the Windows device you want to monitor.
Once you have added the customer, you can also download the agent from the dashboard. Click on the green color download icon corresponding to the customer to which you want to install an agent.

Installing Collector

  1. Add a customer. [Don't install the agent.msi that pops-up. It's the agent and not the collector]

  2. Go to the dashboard page, and click on the blue color download icon corresponding to the customer to which you want to install the collector.
  3. Once you install the Collector, add the network devices to it. Ensure that SNMP is enabled on the network devices you want to monitor.


Step:3 - Important configurations you need to do post installation
The following settings are very essential for agent-central communication and alarm notifications:

  1. Configure mail server settings for network monitoring
  2. Configure proxy server settings if the Central server is behind a Proxy server
  3. Configure NAT settings.


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