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Connectwise Integration


ConnectWise Integration

MSP Center Lite integrates with ConnectWise via APIs provided by ConnectWise. Go through the presentation given below to integrate ConnectWise with MSP Center Lite.

Auto clearing of Alarms

Once you have integrated MSP Center Lite successfully with ConnectWise, whenever an alarm is raised in MSP Center Lite, a ticket for the same is logged in ConnectWise. When that alarm is cleared, the corresponding ticket in ConnectWise is closed and vice versa. 

Example 1: 

A ticket is logged in ConnectWise due to Memory Utilization threshold violation. Once the Technician fixes the issue and closes the ticket, the corresponding alarm in MSP Center Lite is cleared automatically.

The alarm in MSP Center Lite is automatically cleared.

Example 2

An alarm raised due to CPU threshold violation is cleared when the CPU utilization percentage fall below the threshold limit. The corresponding ticket in ConnectWise raised initially now gets closed automatically.

MSP Center Lite ConnectWise Integration - visit our features page in www.MSPCenterLite.com

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