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MSP Center Plus - Help Document

About MSP Center Plus
MSP Center Plus is agent based monitoring software, designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) with distributed architecture. Being built on the agent-central architecture, it helps you monitor network devices and servers irrespective of their location, (be it the Amazon EC2 instance, dedicated servers at Rackspace or Datacenters, LAN etc.) 24x7. The agent is light weight, easy to install and consumes very minimum CPU, Memory and Bandwidth. It provides 100% data security as the agent communicates with the Central server over a SSL connection.

This Help Document provides you all need info about MSP Center Plus, right from System Requirements to troubleshooting steps.

The various section available in this guide are:
System Requirents
- Hardware and Software requirements for deploying Central
Installation Guide
-  Steps to install Central and Agent
- Frequently asked questions
- Quick Start Guide
User Guide
- Steps to configure all the settings in MSP Center Plus
How Tos
- Provides steps by step instructions to configure various settings
Upgrade steps
- Steps to upgrade MSP Center Plus
Service Packs & Hotfixes
- Summary upcoming service packs & hot fixes

MSP Center Plus - Agent based network monitoring software

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